Saturday, 16 November 2013

First day printing in the studio!

My first day in the studio didn't quite go according to plan. It's like a nice box at the moment. I know its good for slowing down the drying process for it to be a bit chilly but this was possibly a but too cold. The new ink I've got isn't performing as well as I'd hoped which us leading to poor quality prints but I'm hoping that's because it's about 2 degrees and not rubbish ink. I've tracked down a hair dryer and am hoping to source a small fan/space heater so round 2 should be better!! 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Printing supplies! Finally

I've finally ordered some beautiful intaglio printing inks and Japanese paper. 
A few nice quality rollers and a hand burnished and I'm well on my way. Can't wait to get into my studio properly and start printing. 
I'm planning on starting by reprinting a few of my favourite blocks made at uni. Hopefully then I'll have a bit more inspiration and get through this creative block I'm having.