Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sample book prints.

Because of the large scale nature of my wallpaper designs I knew from an early stage that it would not be suitable to display them rolled or partially shown for my project deadline and for my final show. Instead I decided to make a wallpaper sample book where there would be a to scale sample of each of my wallpaper designs along side an in situ draping and a scaled down image of the full design repeat length.
I got my sample book made by a wonderful leeds based book binding company called Spink & Thackery.
More pictures of the finished book will be coming soon but here are a few pictures of the printing of the samples.
Each one is between 1-3 colour layers with an additional layer of transparent foil over the top, for the colour collection. Each black and white design had one layer of black print and one layer of black foil.

I had to be very organised when printing my wallpaper collection. As I chose to screen print the entire thing I knew it was a large task but the planning was crucial. I broke it down into batches as I could only use 3-6 A0 screens and 9 A1 screens at once. Each day I could print either 1 or 2 layers of a printed length and 3 sample book pages.
Each positive had to be labeled with which sample it was and which layer. Each positive for the lengths had to have the correct corresponding registration marks and orders clearly on it but not in a place where it would affect the print.
Each day I would expose all my coated screens, lay out the papers, print the screens, strip the screens then finally coat the screens ready for the next day.

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