Saturday, 31 March 2012

A few in-situ drapes

A few test drapes. I do love how big the scale is on these but I'd probably have to go a little smaller. If these were true to scale each design block would be about 3m wide. 

Business card ideas.

Unfortunately my plan to get my business cards letterpress printed is not going to happen because, as beautiful as they would have been, and I found an amazing company to do them (blush printing), they were just a little out of my price range as a student.

Even so, I have found some beautiful recycled paper board in a range of lovely colours and I'm investigate getting them printed on that. fingers crossed

Updating the facebook page.

At first I wasn't too keen on a facebook design page as I already have a blog, a website(still a work in progress) and a design twitter. But It looks to be  useful netweorking tool alongside these other things too. So many other great designers and design students are on it i thought it was about time I joined in.
Why not like my facebook page at

A few successful colourways

For the first stage of colour experiments, thee were fairly successful. Although the red i mixed cam out as a fusia pink (it was meant to be red with a hint of strawberry) i thought they looked quite good.
The main aim was to see how each screen layered over the top, light colour on top or dark colours. how different colours reacted to different orders of printing.

 This one had a cream layer over the very top. it was good to see how the print came out after printing the lightest layer last.
With a few of these examples i also experimented with printing a solid background colour first, so there would be no areas of white showing at all.

 Most of the prints have only 3 layers  but this one has 4 as i chose to add the brown detail over the top as an afterthought.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Print room day

So much fun. lots of colour mixes, screen printing, drying, washing and repeat.
Messy messy print table. There is some kind of organisation in the chaos, i think.

A few examples of colour mixes I was playing around with. Just using a few basic screen designs.

All my beautiful colours!

A few piles of prints.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Creative car covers.

The 2nd and 3rd years this year are completing a live project brief with specialised covers, designing art covers to go alongside their collections of plain tailored car covers for expensive cars.

Here are some of my design ideas draped onto a car cover.

Bit of colour mixing

Unfortunately I've not been blogging for a while, I've been having fun in the print room instead.
Spent the day mixing up colours so i can get printing layer tests tomorrow.
Hopefully successfully experimenting with layering my designs in different ways and playing around with the opacity of the binders/different colour combinations.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Colour palettes

Finally a colour palette- I have been struggling with this so much, playing around with different colours and combinations. generally I tend to go for really bright warm, often clashing colours, but I'm trying to go for a bit of variation in my portfolio. I've been trying to work out a way to do more muted tones while still liking the colours.
My good friend Craig had the brilliant idea of using my research images, of the objects I had been drawing and pulling the colours from those.
Here are my initial colour palette thoughts.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Epically messy desk.

I feel ashamed. (i have since tidied up, a little)

Slightly crazy painting

I needed some big brush strokes in lots of different shapes to scan into CAd so I can concentrate on putting colour and multiple layers into my designs.
Basically took over the whole studio with A2 sheets of wet paper. As a one of my tutors put it i made the place look like a nuthouse. ooops

Screen-printing: Colour experiments

Experimenting with ways of getting colour into my screen print designs. Although I'm really liking the black and white ( and I will probably have a collection of just black and white) I also want to get another layer of print in there and experiment with colours.
The colours I've worked with so far have not been overly successful but hopefully this will progress into something good eventually.